Schooling the heart – The story behind the website

The back story of this website is a personal story of seeking for wells of spiritual wisdom within the Christian tradition. I have found the mystical writings from  fifteenth and sixteenth century Spain to be such a wellspring of life.

But I am also seeking how this spills over and out into the world as we know it now. For many years I have worked alongside Julienne McLean and others to found a School of the Heart to share these mystical writings in fresh ways. This shared work is the creative ground for this project:

I have also drawn around me some gifted young people to help me learn to communicate  in new mediums and technology. Thank you to digital artist Todar Doutchev for his patient tutoring, Jolene Cartmill of Love Picture for her creative videos, and Seb Hamilton for the website. And then there are those beloved companions who press me to persevere in creating  virtual space. This is their story too.

If you would like to be in touch about this project contact me at